Why was A Splash of Honey created?

Alliyah’s Story:

For those who know me personally, I’ve always struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation. It started in middle school when I got my first pimple. I picked at it constantly and couldn’t just leave it alone. Little did I know, this would be happening a lot more often. Sure enough, breakout after breakout, I was creating scars all over my face. I just wanted them gone. In the past, it made me highly insecure. This caused me to cover my natural beauty and hide behind a layer of makeup wherever I went. It seemed like all the pretty girls around me had clear skin and their acne was under control. I tried almost every product you could think of that was shown on television and promoted on the store shelves. Some worked but they only worked for a little while. Failed product after failed product, I was eventually told it was just in my genes. I started to hate my image and began researching chemical peels and even bleaching creams. After seeing how expensive and harmful the two could be to my skin, I slowly began to give up. But something inside arose my curiosity. I knew deep down that there had to be some way for me to achieve clear skin without paying an arm and a leg. So, I decided to do some hard research on skincare for my brown skin. I found out that a lot of the products I used worked best for fair skin and didn’t fit my particular skincare needs. With the help of YouTube and many estheticians, I was recommended black soap, witch hazel, and shea butter. I went to a local market and found the two. After using them for months, I noticed that my skin changed drastically! Over the years, the combo has helped my skin. But I wanted to delve even deeper. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, my natural market was closed and so were most beauty supply outlets. I did more research about making the concoctions, found the ingredients, and I started making my own black soap + shea butter combo while using it twice a day. After so many compliments and questions on my glow, I decided to share my product with others. In the midst of 2020’s Covid-19, I took that leap of faith and launched A Splash of Honey. With the help of my supporters and frequent customers, I am proud to say that A Splash of Honey: Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy is officially on the market. Enjoy! ✨🥂

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