Clear Skin Testimonies

Below are photos of my skin before and after regularly using African Black Soap + Shea Butter.

As you can see, my skin was mostly clear of impurities but cluttered with acne scarring. This was a condition of using products that weren’t specifically formulated for my brown skin. They targeted the acne but burned my skin horribly.

a woman in a black and gold shirt sitting at a desk

- Moisture boost

- Smooth texture

- No visible acne

This is my skin after using African black soap + Shea Butter twice a day, everyday, for a week. My face is visibly smoother and moisture has been restored to my skin in order to start the healing process.

After using this duo for years, this is my skin now...

Black soap gently exfoliated my skin so that a new layer could shine through. Shea Butter moisturized my skin and protected it from harmful UV rays that darken scars and free radicals that create impurities. Think of the two as yin and yang.

Having clear skin should never just be a dream. You can have clear skin too!