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A Splash of Honey is a natural skincare, aromatherapy, and spiritual supply shop that is based in West Alabama. By shopping here, you are supporting a young Black-owned business. Thank you,

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- Alliyah Underwood



Acne? Scarring? Large Pores?Hyperpigmentation? Ditch the complex ingredients and rejuvenate your skin. Come check out my all natural Liquid Black Soap Cleanser!

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Are you looking to treat dry skin, blemishes, or skin discoloration? Shea butter is perfect as a face and body moisturizer. It’s known to help eczema, psoriasis, and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles. **Paired with my Liquid African Black Soap Cleanser, shea butter works wonders when erasing acne scars.**

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Are you trying to shrink pores, tighten/tone skin, or just remove impurities? Try bentonite clay masks! Just add water for a squeaky clean or apple cider vinegar for clarifying hair masks or even detox body masks. Bentonite clay is organic and great for sensitive skin.


If you’re into smelling edible, sophisticated, flirty, or even woodsy, this is the spot for you. Fragrance oils are 100% natural and alcohol free. Wear a little or a lot. Shop your size today.

Are you looking to experience the natural healing properties of some of the best plant oils extracted? Essential oils are known to stimulate sense of smell and have medicinal effects when worn topically or inhaled.

Imagine the perfume and lovely scents you wear all day but in a long lasting aromatic stick of incense. Yes, I did. I put together your favorite fragrance oils and incense all in one.


Quarantine has been a roller coaster of events and a multitude of emotions. Looking for a deep breath and a pick me up? Cleanse and purify the energy in your home with Motherland Sage Smudge Sticks.

Are you looking to invite the healing energy of the earth and reach higher consciousness within your inner self? Open your chakras. Motherland Crystals are essential for your healing and spiritual needs.

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